2021 Best Universities for Getting a Job

Your college years will likely be one of the most exceptional experiences of your life. They will come to an end, however, as you get your degree and look for work in your future career.

After spending half a decade in higher education, you want assurance that you’ll be able to get a good job.  If you chose an accredited school with a good reputation, your chance of finding employment in your field are excellent.

What are the best universities for getting a job?

These schools consistently rank among the top for employment, and 2018 will be no different. They are evaluated based on reputation with employers, employment rates, and how well alumni do in their careers.

Big 10 and Ivy League Schools

Stanford University – This school, which is ranked the tops school in the world for employment, has a history of staying connected with graduates. College leaders gather and analyze data, using it make decisions about programmatic changes.

Harvard University – Harvard maintains deep employer connections with businesses worldwide, and students have excellent employment outlooks.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology – By assigning mentors and staying in close contacts with industry leaders, MIT ensures that their students are not only employable, but they are also highly sought after.

Columbia University – It’s true that successful people come from successful institutions, and Columbia consistently turns out graduates that are highly employable.

University of Pennsylvania – Students from this school generate more interest from employers than students at any other college in the Ivy League, with a return rate of 30.6%.

International Schools

The University of Sydney – A leading research university, this school is number one for employability in Australia and the fourth best institute of higher learning in the world.

University of Oxford – Oxford helps students connect with potential employers with CareerConnect, an intranet exclusive to students at the school. The school matches student skills with employer needs.

Tsinghua University (China) – Twice now this university has made it into the top ten list for graduate employability thanks to a strong academic reputation and employer partnerships.

How your university can help you land a job

Getting into a school with excellent employability ratings assures you that you’ll be marketable when you graduate. It’s often one of the most compelling reasons to attend a particular university.

Even if you don’t attend one of the top universities known for its employability, you can still take advantage of the connections your college has with employers in your area, the region and beyond.

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