High School Debate Topics

Debating is a skill every student should learn. It’s what keeps your brain active and allows people to put a valid point across. So, what debate topics are suitable for high school?

Standard Debating Questions

  • Should Homework Be Banned?
  • Does Homework Encourage Learning?
  • Should Students Have a Say in the Curriculum?
  • Should Schools Ban Smartphones?
  • Can you Get a Good Job Without a College Degree?
  • Is Higher Education Necessary?

These are great topics to start with because all students will have an opinion on them. It’ll maybe even inspire quieter students to have their say too.

Ethical Debate Topics

  • Should Women be Allowed to Choose the Termination of Her Pregnancy?
  • Should Abortion be Classed as ‘Murder’?
  • Are Teenage Suicide Rates Higher Because of social media?
  • Is social media Good for Society?
  • Should Teenage Pregnancies be Accepted?
  • Do Video Games Have a Place in Society?
  • Should Violent Games be Banned?

When you want to have a more social or ethical debate, these topics are useful. 

Educational Debate Topics

  • Should Schools Force Students to Learn a Second Language?
  • Should Higher Education be Made Compulsory?
  • Should Schools Teach Students about Religion?
  • Which is Better Public or Private School?
  • Does the Curriculum Address the Needs of Modern Students?
  • Should Higher Education be Free for Poorer Students?
  • Does Homeschooling Offer a Better Education?
  • Should Teachers be Allowed to Carry a Gun on School Premises?

These subjects get students to think a little more about education. 

Social Topics

  • Do Police Criminalize Young People?
  • Is it Right to Abort a Pregnancy at 8-Weeks?
  • Does the U.S. Still Need the Death Penalty?
  • Should Electronic Databases Replace Traditional Libraries?
  • Should Cloning be Accepted?
  • Should Marijuana be Legalized in all 50 States?
  • Euthanasia: Right or Wrong?
  • Should the Minimum Wage Increase?
  • How Should Addicts be Helped?
  • Is Patriotism Dangerous?

These raise questions about society and social issues. They can be useful for any debate team.

Environmental Topics

  • Does Climate Change Exist?
  • Can Global Warming be Reversed?
  • Should All Plastics be Banned?
  • Should Stores Ditch all Plastic Bags?
  • Should GM Foods be Used to Solve Fame and Hunger
  • Should Zoos Be Closed Across the Country?
  • Should Tourism be Prioritized over the Environment?
  • Does Organic Farming Have a Role in a Modern World?
  • Fracking Should be Banned
  • People Have the Right to Choose What to Eat
  • Does the U.S. Need More National Parks?
  • Should Live Animal Exports be Banned?

Environment topics always hit close to home because everyone has an opinion on climate change and what’s best for the planet. 

Political Topics

  • There Should be a Baseline Rate for Tax
  • US Senators Should Have their Terms Reduced
  • Democracy Should Be Accepted Everywhere
  • Convicted Criminals Should Have their Voting Rights Revoked
  • Political Campaign Funds Should Come from Contributors within the Country
  • Freedom of Speech Should be Limited 
  • Racial inequality Creates an Unhealthy Balance
  • Is the Declaration of Independence Still Relevant in a Modern Society?

You can’t go wrong with political debate topics; it allows students to put a mixed bag of points across.

Parental Topics

  • Parents Should Supervise Their Children’s Smartphone Use
  • Parental Supervision Shouldn’t Be Required for Birth Control Medication
  • Parents Should Let Children Decide Their Futures
  • The Pros and Cons of Adoption
  • The Pros and Cons of Gay Couples Adopting
  • Parents Should Monitor Children’s Social Media Activity

These will make students think. 

Technology Debate Topics

  • The Risk Of AI
  • People Become Smarter Through Technology
  • Will Robots Take Over Everyday Jobs?
  • Can Humans Colonize Different Planets?
  • Are Electric Cars Better Than Diesel?
  • Does Technology Improve Communication?
  • Can Technology Save Nature?
  • Are There Enough Laws to Protect Us Online?

Health Topics

  • Should Vaccinations Be Mandatory?
  • Can Alternative Medicine Impact Future Healthcare?
  • Is Modern Healthcare Safe?
  • What Justification Is There for Legalizing Marijuana?
  • Should the Government Fund Healthcare?

Leisure Topics

  • Should Vacations Only Be Taken in Summer?
  • Should You Encourage Children to Read Books?
  • Has Technology Spoiled Children?
  • Can Too Much social media Create an Unhealthy Image for Young Adults?
  • The Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Video Games for Leisure
  • Why Do Men and Women Spend Their Leisure Time Differently?

Financial Topics

  • Should Digital Banking Replace Traditional Banks?
  • How Safe Is Digital Banking?
  • Is The Country Financially Stable?
  • Can Economic Gains Justify a War?
  • Should Financial Education Be Mandatory?

History Topics

  • Should Students Learn About History?
  • History Teaches Us a Valuable Lesson
  • How Britain Played a Crucial Role in WW2
  • The Role of The U.S. In WW1
  • What Impact Does History Have on The Future?
  • Can The U.S. Justify the Atomic Bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima?

Provocative Topics 

  • Are Women Weaker Than Men?
  • Why Do Men and Women Communicate Differently
  • Can Your Vision of Reality Be Altered Through Television?
  • Which Pizza Toppings Are the Best?
  • Should You Live with Someone Before Marriage?
  • Are Women Smarter Than Men?

High school debate topics can be as controversial as you like. So, choose carefully and find a hot-button topic that will spark two fiercely opposing views.