Schools are Failing Kids

With every pointer indicating the education sector being in shambles, and the students’ academic performance disturbingly nose-diving over the years, several stakeholders have increasingly started blaming the students. However, should these learners – who are the victims of a botched-up system, be held responsible for our education system’s deterioration? My answer will definitely be a “no.” It’s the school that has been failing students in multiple ways, which needs urgent attention. Below are some of the manners in which the school system has been failing students.

Schools Use Outdated Teaching Methods

As schools use ancient and outdated methods to impart knowledge, students now find them to be a tiresome necessity. Some of the courses offered in schools have even become irrelevant in today’s modern digital world. Therefore, it can be said that schools are not essentially serving their purpose of getting the students future-ready.

Schools Encourage Conditioned Reasoning / Dogmatism

One of the greatest damages schools have done to students is their continuing penchant for restricting their students’ creativity. Thanks to standardized tests, students start believing that there is only a single accurate answer to a problem, and thus, they have to invest their efforts towards that answer, which has been pre-planned by the teacher. This means that students, driven by necessity, must notice the problem from their teacher’s point of view.

The students depend completely on what they have been taught and pursue this precise approach to work. The continuity of this educational system has adversely impacted students’ creativity as many do not find any need for innovation or exploration of ideas beyond the rules when they already know that the brightest student is the one who is able to regurgitate during exams what they have been taught in class.

Schools Have an Intimidating Environment

The schools don’t encourage teamwork among their students. Instead, they are discouraged from helping their peers and made to see them as opponents and competitors rather than friends. Consequently, they grow up deficient in the skills required for teamwork and cooperation.

Additionally, it is rather baffling to know that some states have legalized corporal punishments to make students toe the line and get them trained to be frightened and docile.

Schools Refuse To Recognize Differences in Students

A class, typically consisting of almost 30 students with diverse academic capabilities and rates of absorption, is taught the same content at the same speed without adequately considering brilliance and absorption. The intelligent students, who grasp the concept quickly, become bored when the teacher lingers on that topic for too long. However, some others in the class may not have understood the topic by the time the teacher goes to another topic. If the teachers were to consider this diverse rate of assimilation, it would have triggered a conflict of interest.

Summing Up

Though school students face multiple challenges today, the ones mentioned above are just a few of them. Our schools have been steadily letting students down by failing to empower them with the skills necessary to navigate and excel in today’s competitive world. Therefore, it is urgent and necessary to revamp the school system to make it the breeding ground for the country’s great future leaders.