11 End of Year Student Gifts for a Dollar (or Less!)

1. DIY Bookmarks: Create personalized bookmarks using colorful paper and markers. Include inspirational quotes or funny illustrations.

2. Pencil Toppers: Decorate simple pencil erasers with small pom-poms, googly eyes, or stickers. Students can easily slide them onto their pencils.

3. Friendship Bracelets: Make simple braided bracelets using embroidery floss or yarn. Use different colors to represent friendship and unity.

4. Origami Fortune Tellers: Teach students how to fold origami fortune tellers. They can write jokes, riddles, or kind messages inside.

5. Mini Notepads: Cut colorful paper into small squares, stack them together, and staple one side. Students can use them as mini journals or doodle pads.

6. Decorated Magnets: Glue small decorative buttons, gems, or beads onto flat magnets. Students can use them to hang artwork or notes on the fridge.

7. Stamped Keychains: Dip rubber stamps in paint and press onto small wooden disks. Attach a metal keychain ring, and students will have a personalized keychain.

8. Emoji Stress Balls: Fill small balloons with flour or rice, then draw funny expressions using permanent markers. They can be squeezed for stress relief.

9. Customized Water Bottles: Provide plain water bottles and markers for students to decorate. They can draw their names, favorite designs, or motivational quotes.

10. Homemade Playdough: Mix flour, salt, water, and food coloring to make homemade playdough. Divide it into small portions and place them in individual bags.

11. Thank You Cards: Provide blank cards and art supplies for students to create personalized thank you cards. They can express gratitude to teachers or fellow classmates.

These affordable and creative end-of-year student gifts are sure to bring joy and appreciation.