18 Reading Incentives That Really Work

Reading is a crucial skill that every individual should develop. However, sometimes, motivating children or even ourselves to read can be a challenge. That’s where reading incentives come in. By offering rewards and fostering a love for reading, these incentives can make reading a fun and enjoyable activity. Here are 18 reading incentives that really work: 

1. Book Challenges: Set goals for reading a certain number of books and reward yourself or your child once the goal is achieved.

2. Reading Buddies: Pair up with a friend or family member and read books together. Discuss the storylines and characters for added excitement.

3. Reading Forts: Build a cozy fort with blankets and pillows, creating a magical reading space.

4. Virtual Book Clubs: Join an online book club where you can discuss your favorite books with like-minded individuals.

5. Reading Rewards Chart: Create a colorful chart to track reading progress and offer small rewards for reaching milestones.

6. Book Swaps: Trade books with friends or participate in a community book exchange to discover new titles.

7. Reading Aloud: Take turns reading aloud with your child or partner. This encourages engagement and comprehension.

8. Author Encounters: Attend author signings or virtual author events to meet the creators behind your favorite books.

9. Reading Challenges: Participate in reading challenges such as reading a book from every genre or from different time periods.

10. Reading Apps: Explore interactive reading apps that incorporate games and quizzes to enhance the reading experience.

11. Exclusive Library Trips: Organize special trips to the library, allowing your child to choose books without time constraints.

12. Book-themed Crafts: Create crafts based on favorite books, bringing the story to life through artistic expression.

13. Reading Rewards Store: Establish a rewards store where your child can trade in points earned from reading for small prizes.

14. Reading Journals: Encourage keeping a reading journal to document thoughts, favorite quotes, and reflections on the books read.

15. Reading Challenges with Friends: Compete with friends to see who can read more books within a given timeframe.

16. Book Series Marathons: Dive into a book series and binge-read multiple books in a row, experiencing the continuous storyline.

17. Reading Olympics: Organize reading challenges with friends or classmates, awarding medals for various achievements.

18. Surprise Book Deliveries: Subscribe to a book subscription service and receive exciting new books in the mail regularly.

By implementing these reading incentives, you can foster a lifelong love for reading in yourself or your child. Remember, reading should always be enjoyed, and these incentives can make the reading journey even more rewarding.