20 Sweet Valentines for Students (That Skip the Sugar)

Valentine’s Day is a special holiday to show appreciation and spread love. However, many schools have regulations on sugar consumption for students. If you’re looking for sweet valentine ideas that skip the sugar, we’ve got you covered. Check out these 20 sweet valentines that are suitable for students and won’t break the school’s sugar rules.

1. Pencil Valentines: Attach cute valentine-themed pencils to a handmade card with a heartfelt message.

2. Bookmark Valentines: Give students adorable bookmarks with love-themed designs and motivational words.

3. Eraser Valentines: Choose valentine-shaped erasers and attach them to a note saying, “Erasing the word ‘no’ when it comes to friendship!”

4. Sticker Valentines: Surprise students with valentine-themed stickers that they can use to decorate their belongings.

5. Puzzle Piece Valentines: Give each student a puzzle piece and explain that they complete your heart, just like they complete the class.

6. Glow Stick Valentines: Spread the love with glow sticks and a note saying, “You make my heart glow!”

7. Friendship Bracelet Valentines: Create friendship bracelets with colorful beads and remind students of the importance of friendship.

8. Keychain Valentines: Attach small keychains with cute symbols of love to a card with a sweet message.

9. Bouncy Ball Valentines: Give students bouncy balls with a note saying, “You make my heart bounce with joy!”

10. Emoji Valentines: Print out emoji faces and attach them to cards with personalized messages.

11. Puzzle Book Valentines: Hand out small puzzle books with love-themed puzzles and quizzes for the students to enjoy.

12. Origami Valentines: Fold origami hearts with colorful paper and write personalized messages inside.

13. Badge Valentines: Create custom badges with valentine designs and students’ names to make them feel special.

14. Mini-Plants Valentines: Give students mini-plants like succulents or cacti, along with a note that says, “Our friendship is growing!”

15. Bubble Valentines: Hand out bubble wands or bottles, accompanied by a message saying, “You make my heart bubble with happiness!”

16. Temporary Tattoo Valentines: Provide students with fun temporary tattoos that they can wear proudly.

17. Pencil Topper Valentines: Attach cute pencil toppers, such as hearts or animals, to pencils and give them to students.

18. Fortune Teller Valentines: Create fortune teller origami and write sweet messages inside for the students to unfold.

19. DIY Slime Valentines: Make batches of Valentine’s Day-themed slime and distribute them with a note saying, “Our friendship is slime-tastic!”

20. DIY Photo Frame Valentines: Create personalized photo frames with colorful craft materials, leaving space for students to add their favorite pictures.

There you have it, 20 sweet valentines for students that skip the sugar. Spread the love and enjoy Valentine’s Day without breaking any school rules!