Cognitive Development Apps That You Will Love

Are you searching for cognitive development products that you can use with your learners? Check out the definitive list that we made. Who did we miss?

Amazing Match-Word Learning Games for Children– Amazing Match blends entertainment and education; it teaches kids to spell and pronounce words by developing their concentration levels, cognitive abilities, and memory. Amazing Match is designed for kids to play alone or taking turns with other kid’s.

OctoPlus– Octoplus is a math product that uses interactive gaming to help kids develop math abilities. This product takes you into an underwater world where you battle turtles to earn points. It has both drill and challenge modalities, designed to develop kids’ math abilities using their innate intelligence. It is also helping develop motor abilities in kids who have motor or cognitive delays. This product can be customized to keep kids interested and motivated; it comprises features designed to enhance visual attention, timing, coordination, and control. Parents can also use this product to emphasize individualized education program (IEP) objectives.

Thinking Time Pro – Cognitive Skills for Early Learning – This game uses four distinct games to help kids develop their cognitive abilities. The game is designed to train users’ working memory, logical reasoning, flexible thinking, attention, and inhibitory control. A usual game would have kids sort items by color or shape; then, the rules are changed mid-game. A detailed report of performance is available in the guardians’ section.

Brain Turk Brain Trainer– This product is based on the neurologic principle of neuroplasticity. It utilizes special games derived from the latest discoveries in cognitive neurosciences. The game helps sharpen your attention span, and increase short- and long-term memory and concentration. The product is designed to remove psychological barriers to development; progress can be monitored using the stats you provide.

Brain+ Brain Training Brain+ hones your mind, so you get more from life. This mind exercising program enhances important functions of your cerebrum through fun and simple-to-implement practices, games, and mind teasers. Exercises are made in a joint effort with top neurologists from Copenhagen University. Brain+ clients report substantial upgrades in memory and retention; the product has more than 70,000 users in Denmark alone, and it is free.

Braineos– Learning is not tedious using the Braineos product. There are many flashcards to select from within the community, and you can make new ones. Memorize them using the fun games available. Use Braineos to enhance your vocabulary, study for that upcoming exam, or help you remember dates and facts for a quiz.

Fast ForWord– Fast ForWord is an evidence-based product developed by neuroscientists to help educators differentiate instruction for learners with language and reading difficulties. It uses a unique three-part model to do this and provides learners with deliberate practice, cognitive abilities, basic language, and the guided reading support needed to enhance during and after the program. This tool is an excellent solution for clinical support intervention, at-home intervention, and K-12 intervention.

Fit Brains Trainer Fit Brains Trainer, an award-winning product designed by Neuroscientists, trains your brain through different games and challenges. It stimulates your mind while you have fun. The Fit Brains Trainer is designed to train cognitive abilities such as attention, emotional intelligence, memory, and speed.

Matchmatics– Matchmatics enables hours of gameplay for anybody who will help you think analytically, quickly, and arithmetically. While testing your cognitive ability and boosting memory and visual awareness, this matching puzzle game will challenge and entertain you. There are hundreds of levels, and all you need to do is re-arrange matches to solve math equations. This game may be simple, but it offers significant benefits.

Mindprint Learning– Penn Medicine’s lab on Brain Behavior developed a website that will give any learner of any age a personalized learning profile. Mindprint Learning consists of a cognitive test of over 10 abilities for a learner to comprehensive. The test is then evaluated to generate feedback and tools that will best help that learner learn. The test is only one hour long and covers executive functions, complex reasoning

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