Curated Content Apps That You Will Love

Are you searching for curated content products that you can use with your learners? Check out the definitive list that we made. Who did we miss?

SmartUp – SmartUp is a learning experience and consultancy product, helping organizations make a highly engaged learning culture. This system creates bespoke videos, infographics, and animations to engage your learners actively. It also converts your existing training materials (PDFs, PowerPoint, videos, documents, textbooks, etc.) into microlearning modules. It curates contents from an extensive list of partners on an ongoing basis.

PBS LearningMedia – is available for free to all pre-K through 12th-grade educators across the U.S. The educational product offers class-ready content aligned to state and national standards, compatible with the technological tools that educators use most throughout their class, such as Google Classroom, Clever, and Remind. The product can be utilized by educators in a variety of ways, including identifying and organizing their curated resources, reviewing a list of their state’s standards, managing class assignments, and creating lesson plans, puzzles, and quizzes for learners.

WURRLYedu – uses music as a gateway to teach critical life abilities. It is a curated content product with creative tools. For educators, WURRLYedu delivers culturally relevant content, including lesson plans with suggested assignments, an extensive music catalog, video tips, and a comprehensive suite of tools that contains a learning management system and assessment tools to make music education fun, effective, and affordable. For learners, WURRLYedu offers thousands of songs (all customizable in key, speed, and instrumentation) with animated timed chords and lyrics, recording tools and one-touch audio/video filters, collaboration tools, as well as ear training games to develop general comprehension abilities.

Learning Explorer – is a learning object repository (LOR) and program of study management product for districts and schools that has been designed for– and by– educators to make it easy to discover, manage, personalize and assign learning resources using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Learning It is a single-sign-on solution that enables educators to search for standards-based learning resources from a huge library of curated OER and top-quality third-party educational publisher content with just a few clicks. Using a high-powered search algorithm, Lesson Planet enables users to search by concept, standard, grade, subject, resource type, instructional design, rating, and more to find exactly what they are looking for (and avoid the dreaded hunt for actual relevant program of study).

Britannica LaunchPacks – Science leverages high-quality, diverse digital content sets to build science knowledge and understanding, enabling educators to make strong cross-curricular connections that help learners engage in meaningful learning. LaunchPacks: Science enables you to build content sets (“packs”) that cover each of the disciplinary core ideas outlined in the Next Generation Science Standards and provide a seamless experience for learners to think critically and is also a time-saver for educators! Activities and question sets immerse learners in thinking like scientists by making predictions, exploring academic vocabulary, collecting evidence from a wide variety of sources—curated videos, pictures, text, graphs, and interactives—analyzing research and data, drawing conclusions, and writing evidence-based arguments.

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