Elementary School Language Arts Teaching and Learning Apps That You Will Love

Are you searching for elementary school language arts products that you can use with your learners? Check out the definitive list that we made. Who did we miss?

Click N SPELL– This product teaches prekindergarten to fifth graders to learn and spell the 800 most common words in the English language. It is also useful for teaching children with learning difficulties and second language learners. Memorizing these words is important to learning English language abilities because the 800 most commonly utilized words are utilized 13 times more frequently than the next 800. Hence, learning these words helps learners communicate in some form.

Pili Pop English– Pili Pop English is geared toward kids five to ten years old. It enables them to practice English verbally, learn new abilities, learn new words, and learn pronunciation. Whether utilized for the native English speaker or bilingual kid, Pili Pop will lead your kid toward language fluency. You can begin with a free trial and then select to pay monthly for full and continued access. Pili Pop is also available for Spanish language learners.

LearnZIllion– LearnZillion is a comprehensive program of study for math, English, and language arts. It contains resources, analytics, and teaching guides. Individual educators may use it for free, but a membership fee is required if the product is deployed across a school district. Not only does this product include learning material, but it also offers complimentary and supplemental resources such as videos to supplement the learning experience.

Study Island – Study Island is an all-in-one practice website for learners to work on literacy, math, science, and social studies abilities. It is built around state standards, so the content and practice provided on the website will align with your class teaching regardless of location. Study Island is a great tool for high stakes testing preparation and provides real-time progress monitoring for educators and guardians. Beyond simple practice, Study Island can also be incorporated into class lessons for formative assessment and differentiation. It even enables educators to import NWEA MAP assessment information for individual learners and calculates a targeted learning path to fill in knowledge gaps!

IXL Learning– IXL Learning has been proven effective in offering a comprehensive, program of study-based math and English language arts content for kindergarten to grade 12.  It produces real results, which is why it is trusted by top educators and presently utilized by The Elite 100.

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