Just 19 Magical Harry Potter Bulletin Boards Even Muggles Can Pull Off

Are you a Harry Potter fan looking for creative ways to incorporate your love for the wizarding world into your everyday life? Look no further than these 19 magical Harry Potter bulletin board ideas that even muggles can pull off!

1. Hogwarts House Sorting: Create a bulletin board inspired by the Sorting Hat that showcases each Hogwarts house. Encourage students or colleagues to sort themselves into their designated house.

2. Spellbinding Quotes: Display inspirational quotes from the Harry Potter series on your bulletin board. Choose quotes that resonate with you and provide motivation for those who see them.

3. Movie Night: Create a bulletin board dedicated to Harry Potter movie marathons. Include movie posters, a schedule of screenings, and fun facts about the films.

4. Wand Challenge: Host a wand-making competition and display the best wands on your bulletin board. Encourage creativity and craftsmanship among participants.

5. House Cup Points: Track house points for a friendly competition among different groups. Display the current standings and update them regularly.

6. Magical Creatures: Showcase the magical creatures from the wizarding world on your bulletin board. Include information about each creature and their significance in the Harry Potter universe.

7. Book Recommendations: Create a bulletin board dedicated to book recommendations for Harry Potter fans. Display books that are similar in genre or themes and provide brief descriptions.

8. Quidditch Tournament: Promote a Quidditch tournament or event by creating a bulletin board with details about the game, teams, and rules.

9. Potion Ingredients: Create a visually appealing bulletin board that lists various potion ingredients. Include illustrations and descriptions of each ingredient’s properties.

10. Character Spotlight: Each week, choose a different Harry Potter character to feature on your bulletin board. Include a brief biography and notable quotes from the character.

11. Herbology 101: Create a bulleting board dedicated to herbology. Display information about magical plants and their properties.

12. House Common Rooms: Design a bulletin board for each Hogwarts house. Incorporate the house colors, symbols, and traits associated with each house.

13. Triwizard Tournament: Create a board dedicated to the Triwizard Tournament, showcasing the three tasks and the champions.

14. Yule Ball Fashion: Display fashion inspiration from the Yule Ball scene in the Harry Potter series. Include pictures, tips, and pointers for attendees of a themed event.

15. Daily Prophet News: Create a bulletin board that mimics the layout of the Daily Prophet. Feature news articles related to the wizarding world or school events.

16. Diagon Alley: Design a bulletin board that resembles the bustling street of Diagon Alley. Include pictures and descriptions of all the shops and their unique offerings.

17. Patronus Charm: Showcase various patronuses on your bulletin board. Include information on how to cast a patronus and share personal stories from fans.

18. Muggle Studies: Create a board dedicated to Muggle studies. Display interesting facts and observations about muggle life.

19. Chamber of Secrets: Design a bulletin board that represents the Chamber of Secrets. Include clues, hidden notes, and references to the secret chamber.

These Harry Potter bulletin board ideas are sure to bring a touch of magic to any classroom, office, or community space. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just starting your journey into the wizarding world, these bulletin boards will inspire and enchant.