School Transportation Apps That You Will Love

Are you searching for school transportation products that you can use in your school district? Check out the definitive list that we made. Who did we miss?

Edulog  – This is school bus routing software that quickly identifies learners, schools, stops, runs, address ranges, and street speeds. This software has GPS tracking options that enable it to get the exact pick-up points for learners; the software can also help keep records of routes in cases of missing learners, track available drivers, and so on.

BusTracks – BusTracks is a school transportation management product. It uses integrated GPS tech for routing analysis, bus route, and mileage tracking. It helps to achieve greater efficiency and faster transportation while lowering transportation costs.

KidCheck – This is a product that operates a website and mobile product made to provide a check-in system for guardians to check in their children into school or events without having to wait in a long line. The product works wherever there is an Internet connection. With this product, organizations and schools can easily keep track of their guests and learners. KidCheck uses a subscription system for billing clients. It offers four packages: Essentials, Standard, Freemium/campus, and business.

vMax Compass Field Trip – This is an all-inclusive web-based field trip management system that helps streamline trip approval, billing,  invoicing, bus assignments, permit printing, etc. Features include school bus routing software, real-time GPS fleet tracking, school bus camera systems, live video streaming, transit surveillance systems, and automatic Wi-Fi downloading.

Crosswalk K-12 – This is a school transportation solution built to manage bus drivers, check learner stops, schedule routes, and track buses in real time. This software prevents learners from boarding the wrong bus, being dropped at the wrong bus stop, or being left behind at the end of a route. It has a mobile product for learners and guardians to enable tracking. It supports RFID readers for learners with ID cards and has options to track driver speed and location. It can also be utilized to locate available drivers in different places.

RouteABus – This product can be utilized to access free school bus routing. On busy days, RouteABus can be utilized to locate the nearest bus stop, and it can be utilized to locate nearby schools.

Learner Security System – This is a smart identification system that guardians can use to track the location of school kids from the time they get on the school bus till they get home. The learner security system helps to locate a learner in real time and helps with learner safety and attendance. It also provides a smartphone application for guardians.

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