Sony PlayStation 3 Super Slim Review: Sony Shrinks Down New PS3 Except for the Price

The gaming world has seen a plethora of consoles come and go, but few continue to make their mark as effectively as the Sony PlayStation. It is no surprise, then, that Sony has once again decided to revamp one of their classics with the release of the PlayStation 3 Super Slim. While the modifications have made the console smaller and more streamlined, there is one thing that has not been scaled down – its price.

The first thing you may notice is the exterior of the device. The PlayStation 3 Super Slim features an impressive matte black finish, adorned with a sleeker design than its predecessors. Measuring at just 2.6″ x 11.4″ x 11.4″, this iteration of the PS3 takes up significantly less space than previous models, making it an ideal choice for gamers with limited room in their entertainment zones.

Upon opening the box, you will find everything necessary for setup: a controller, power cord, AV cable, USB cable for your controller, and a user manual. These components are all standard inclusions that have accompanied previous models; however, you may find that purchasing an HDMI cable separately is essential if you plan on connecting your console to a high-definition television.

It is important to mention that one key difference between this model and prior versions is its disc drive system. The PlayStation 3 Super Slim now utilizes a sliding cover door for discs instead of an automatic slot-loading mechanism—an interesting design choice that reduces material costs and improves durability.

As for performance enhancements, this model retains a favorable reputation: playing games with crisp graphics and minimal lagging without overheating issues common in older console iterations. This improvement in functionality can be attributed to its smaller size and efficient power management system.

Now to address a considerable hiccup—although Sony has released their new and improved PlayStation 3 Super Slim, the price has not budged. In fact, many users argue that for the cost of a PS3 Super Slim, they could buy other gaming consoles with better specs and better game libraries. Basically, affordability may present itself as an obstacle for some interested customers.

In conclusion, the Sony PlayStation 3 Super Slim boasts a compact design, improved durability, and satisfactory performance levels. However, its price tag remains its critical problem. Despite these concerns, the iconic brand remains a staple in gaming culture. The PS3 Super Slim may be well suited for those who are dedicated to their PlayStation games or have limited space in their living area—but consider browsing the market extensively before committing to a purchase; there may be alternatives that offer more bang for your buck.