12 Super Creative Curriculum Review Games and Ideas

1. Musical Chairs Review: Set up a few stations around the room with questions or review materials. Play music and have students move from station to station. When the music stops, they must answer the question at the station.

2. Jeopardy-style Quiz: Create a Jeopardy-style game using categories and point values. Ask students questions from different curriculum areas and award points for correct answers.

3. QR Code Scavenger Hunt: Create QR codes that link to review questions. Hide the codes around the classroom or school. Students must scan the codes and answer the questions correctly to move on.

4. Pictionary Review: Divide students into teams and give each team a set of review terms or concepts. One member from each team must draw the term while the others guess. The team with the most correct guesses wins.

5. Kahoot! Quiz: Use the Kahoot! platform to create a fun and interactive quiz. Students can use their smartphones or devices to answer questions and compete against each other.

6. Relay Race Review: Divide students into teams and set up stations with review questions. One student from each team must run to the station, answer the question, and return to tag the next teammate. The team that finishes first wins.

7. Escape Room Challenge: Create an escape room-style challenge where students must solve puzzles and answer review questions to find clues and “escape” the room.

8. Memory Match Review: Create a set of review cards with terms or concepts on one side and their corresponding definitions or explanations on the other side. Students must match the cards correctly.

9. Simon Says Review: Play a game of Simon Says, but instead of physical actions, use review questions as the commands. Students must answer the questions correctly to stay in the game.

10. Board Game Review: Create a board game with review questions, challenges, and rewards. Students can play in small groups, taking turns answering questions and advancing on the board.

11. Chalkboard Challenge: Write review questions on the chalkboard and divide the class into two teams. One member from each team must race to the board, answer a question, and earn a point for their team.

12. DIY Quiz Show: Create your own quiz show-style game using PowerPoint or other presentation software. Include different rounds and categories, and encourage student participation.

Remember, incorporating these creative curriculum review games and ideas can make the review process engaging and enjoyable for students while reinforcing their knowledge and understanding.