16 Ideas For Student Mailboxes That Fit Any Budget and Classroom


Student mailboxes are a practical and efficient way to organize classroom materials and encourage communication between students and teachers. Whether you’re on a tight budget or have specific classroom requirements, there are plenty of creative and affordable options available. In this article, we will explore 16 ideas for student mailboxes that fit any budget and classroom.

1. Shoebox Mail System:

Repurpose shoeboxes by turning them into personalized student mailboxes. Decorate each box with students’ names and use them to store assignments, notes, and other important materials.

2. Cardboard Magazine Holders:

Affordable and easy to customize, cardboard magazine holders are a great option for creating student mailboxes. Label each holder with student names and assign a designated area in the classroom for easy access.

3. Plastic Drawer Units:

Invest in small plastic drawer units that can accommodate individual student mailboxes. These units are stackable, durable, and available in various sizes and colors to suit your classroom needs.

4. Hanging File Folders:

Create a simple and space-saving mailbox system by using hanging file folders. Attach them to a wall or board and label each folder with a student’s name. Students can easily access their folders and retrieve their assignments.

5. Desktop Paper Trays:

Opt for stackable desktop paper trays to organize student mailboxes. Assign a tray to each student and label them accordingly. This option works well for classrooms with limited wall space.

6. Plastic Pouches:

Purchase plastic pouches with adhesive backings and stick them to students’ desks or cubbies. These pouches can hold small notes, assignments, or other important papers.

7. DIY File Crates:

If you’re feeling crafty, create your own student mailboxes using file crates and colorful duct tape. Label each crate with students’ names and stack them for easy access.

8. Shoe Organizer:

Hang a fabric shoe organizer on a classroom door or wall to create individual pockets for student mailboxes. Each pocket can hold assignments, papers, or small supplies.

9. Mail Sorter:

Invest in a mail sorter with adjustable compartments. Label each compartment with students’ names and use it as a central hub for organizing and distributing materials.

10. Wire Magazine Racks:

Hang wire magazine racks on a classroom wall and assign one to each student. These racks provide a neat and visible storage solution for student mailboxes.

11. Desktop File Organizers:

Utilize desktop file organizers with multiple compartments for student mailboxes. Each section can be labeled with a student’s name and used to store materials.

12. Pencil Cases:

Repurpose pencil cases to create individual mailboxes for your students. Hang them on a wall or display them on a shelf for easy access.

13. Fabric Pocket Chart:

Hang a fabric pocket chart on a classroom wall and assign each pocket to a student. Students can store papers, assignments, or personal belongings in their designated pocket.

14. Wall-Mounted Letter Holders:

Install wall-mounted letter holders in your classroom and assign each student a slot. These holders are perfect for organizing student mailboxes and can be easily labeled.

15. Plastic Bins:

Opt for plastic bins with lids to create secure student mailboxes. Assign a bin to each student and label it accordingly. These bins can be stacked or stored on shelves.

16. Locker-Style Cubbies:

Invest in locker-style cubbies that come with individual compartments and locks. These cubbies provide secure storage for student mailboxes and personal belongings.


Finding the right student mailboxes for your classroom doesn’t have to break the bank. With these 16 budget-friendly ideas, you can easily create an organized and efficient system that meets your classroom needs. Remember to involve your students in the process and make their mailboxes personalized and functional. Happy organizing!