Comic Creation Apps That You Will Love

Are you searching for comic creation products you can use with your learners? Check out the definitive list that we made. Who did we miss?

Superhero Comic Book Maker – Superhero Comic Book Maker lets learners make animated comic books using engaging characters such as monsters and superheroes. Learners can select from 27 background options, including skyscrapers, spaceships, and the Moon. The product can be utilized by learners with different ages and academic abilities thanks to the option to write text or narrate your story verbally with an audio recording feature. To further personalize their comic books, learners have access to over 170 stickers with sound effects and crayons and colored pencils to add sketches and drawings. Great to use as a reward or to encourage literacy abilities, Superhero Comic Book Maker is a valuable creative expression product.

ToonDoo– ToonDoo is a quick and easy way for learners to make characters, comics strips, and comic books, even if they aren’t comfortable with their drawing abilities. It contains options for learners to make their own characters and pictures. ToonDoo can be utilized in any class to make final projects, encourage English language use, tell stories, or for storyboarding.

Chogger Comic Creator– Create your own comics from scratch using this simple product. Comics made by other users are available for reading and rating purposes. Comics can be published anonymously or under a pseudonym. You can edit the landscape of your creation by selecting an on-screen option.

Comic Book Camera– This application enables users to make comics and animated photos using their camera phone or pictures from their phone’s file manager. The process can be done quickly using the user’s preferences for filters and how texts are displayed.

Comic Book!– This product enables users to make an edition of their favorite comic superheroes and villains. The product comes with many interfaces, allowing users to personalize their creations using virtually every form of editing, such as picture filters and deception heading.

Comic Life– This is a practical, fun, and quick product useful for creating picture comics. The look and function of the iPhone OS device have been changed to give the user full control over pictures taken with the camera or imported from the photo library.

Comic Master– This product enables you to perfectly edit your comic novel. There are different special effects and characters that you can add to your comic to suit your taste. Once you are happy with what you have made, you can save or print your work and share it with your friends.

Storybird – An online writing product that enables learners at any level to find inspiration, write, read others’ writing, and receive feedback. Storybird has thousands of pictures to prompt learners’ creativity and get them authoring poems, long-form stories, short 500-word “flash fiction,” comics, and even picture books. With hundreds of writing prompts, lessons, video tutorials, and quizzes, educators can assign work in class or use Storybird for homework or class extension projects.

Strip Designer – Strip Designer, enables learners to make their own personal comic books from personal or class photos. With more than 100 included templates, learners insert their photos, add filters, text balloons, and word stickers like “BANG” or “POW,” and even draw directly on their comic strips within the product. Once learners have completed their comic strips, the files are easy to share via email, Facebook, Twitter, or save as a PDF. Strip Designer can be utilized as an engagement tool in literacy class for writing hesitant learners, to make final projects across any subject, or as a fun reward.

Toontastic 3D – Toontastic 3D lets learners design, draw, and animate their own cartoons. The product records learners’ voices and animations and stores the cartoons as a 3-D video. Learners can add themselves to their cartoons with the option to import photos. There are three pre-made story arcs that learners can select from (short story, classic, and science report), or they can make their own. For learners that need additional inspiration, there is an idea lab full of stories, characters, and settings to discover.

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