Dance Teaching and Learning Apps That You Will Love

Are you searching for dance products that you can use with your learners? Check out the definitive list that we made. Who did we miss?

Just Dance NowMotor Skills– Dance to your favorite hits from over 300 songs available on Just Dance. Release your inner dance with this product and enjoy great choreographies without a video game console. All you need is an Internet-connected device such as Apple TV, iPad, computer, or Chromecast. The latest installment comes with an additional 42 games which are available on video game consoles.

iDance!– An energetic and interesting way to keep fit and find the center of your rhythm. You’ll be able to learn any form of dance steps in vogue. The product contains a lot of dance styles to select from, and our professional instructors will guide you through moves and steps for different dance styles from disco, cub freestyle, bachata, salsa, samba, Bollywood, hip-hop, swing, and merengue.

Ballet for Beginners– An introduction to ballet lessons for newbies with about 230 beginner lessons and some intermediate level routines. Lessons include ballet jumps, ballet glissade, ballet stretches, pique ballet movements, and the battement degage ballet position.

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