Data Analytics Apps That You Will Love

Are you searching for data analytics products that you can use in your district? Check out the definitive list that we made. Who did we miss?

Violet LMS – This collaborative learning product is robust, secure, and integrated for educators, administrators, and enterprises. It has high-end features to help your business grow and advance rapidly on the strength of technological innovation. It also provides the development of customizable applications, insightful data analytics, and reliable post-deployment support.

Abre –Abre provides products and functionality for learning management, school management, and data/analytics for the entire learning community. The product is useful for educators, guardians, and school administrators, delivering learning options to their learners. It was developed by a team of educators and tech experts with decades of experience in the class and boardroom.

Bolt Spark LMS – This learning management system features powerful analytics, a translation system, compliance management, and user verification. Bolt enables you to make and share custom e-learning modules, signable documents, event invitations, and assessments. The product provides an in-depth analysis of reports, with pictorial comparisons between employees at the same level.

CHIRON – Chiron was made by school administrators for international K-12 schools, offering customization and admission analytics. Chiron enhances the digital presence of schools through an ERP solution designed with full functionality for the smartphone. The products can be launched on multiple platforms with personalized features in less than four weeks.

Classe365 – Classe365 is a cloud-based unified education institution management and learner information system for K-12 schools, colleges, and universities. It provides paperless/online admission, online payment, learner behavior analytics, alumni management, grants, and scholarship management.

Clofus  – Cloftus is an education management system with features that assist with day-to-day activities such as attendance, messages, analytics, and marks using artificial tech. The AI robot assistant can be stationed anywhere in the school to help learners with their questions. This inadvertently piques learners’ interest in science and tech. The AI tech also uses facial expressions to detect mood and offer situational advice to the kid’s. It does all these functions in addition to the traditional SMS system functions.

Digital Learning Software – This is a custom digital learning solution for K-12, higher education, professional education, and organizations with advanced analytics and integration. SMART Notebook has several lesson creation and delivery features, connecting you to a full content, tools, and support ecosystem.

EdApp Microlearning –  This is a mobile LMS with a template library, push notifications, and analytics designed for microlearning. EdApp has an integrated authoring tool, spaced repetition, and gamification features. This courseware is designed for iOS, Android, and the web. It incentivizes learning using intrinsic rewards and integrated, real-world pricing.

Edfutura – Edfutura is a comprehensive school evaluation and performance analytics tool for school management, educators, guardians, and learners. It pairs your institution with Scrolls Tech Engineers to ensure intelligent technical support. Edfutura R&D labs deliberately focus on defining and deriving the research and innovation agenda at Scrolls Tech.

Edubee-Cloud ERP with School App – This is a cloud-based school management system with a dedicated product for enhanced parent connectivity, powered by analytics and dashboards. It analyzes results for the school, learners, and educators and tracks learners’ academic performance using robust graphs and charts.

Edvance School-wide Management System – Edvance is a user-friendly online school management software system for K-12 schools. Users enjoy cloud-based access to efficient software with a suite of modules such as admissions, learner and educator profiles, workloads, timetabling, course planning, academic reporting, grade book, attendance, behavior/discipline, message center, IEP module, parent portals, LMS tools, and program of study management. The system also offers learner-centric and analytics solutions; it helps to reduce the administrative workload to divert more attention to learners.

Envisio – Envisio is a planning, strategy execution, and performance management product for educational institutions and school districts. It helps to cascade your strategic goals into actions to get visibility and keep stakeholders engaged. Envisio enables you to measure and share results with computerized reports and powerful performance analytics.

Go Formative– Go Formative enables you to monitor real-time learner analytics, make assessments, and see learners’ work from wherever your learners may be. It handles the class data while you teach.

GuideK12– GuideK12 Analytics Suite is a web-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) geovisual analytic tool that enables school districts to visualize data, run scenarios, and make good decisions. District leaders can see the details and the big picture by combining data from many sources into an interactive map. With GuideK12, data becomes meaningful and actionable.

Hero K12– This is a learner behavior management product for K-12 schools and districts. It builds the concept of learner behavior analytics, accountability, responsibility, and it urges learners to do what’s right. These are the life abilities and abilities that can be taught in school with tools that enhance learner behavior and promote learner growth in a positive climate. It also helps educators to effect positive change.

iCampuz – iCampuz is campus management ERP software that brings a broad functionality to the task of managing your school, using analytics for insight. iCampuz offers flexibility and an abundance of features to make a quality education system collaboratively. Its primary function is to provide a seamless networked campus and a paperless administration. iCampuz provides a framework with which all members of an institution can access, view, and manage their accounts.

Info4child – This comprehensive school management software solution with timetables, attendance, and parent-educator-learner communication. Infro4child is a SaaS software with a free and a paid edition option available. It contains live training sessions and one-on-one lessons. Features include bookstore management, program of study management, financial management, higher education, and library management, reporting, and analytics.

Junyo– Junyo’s learning tools helps the educator to understand the learner’s interests, needs, and abilities. We can help you to enhance the learner’s learning, increase class efficacy, and increase motivation through our analytics tech, which is for businesses in the educational sector. We love education, data, and learning improvements, so we run a class-facing tool called Junyo Streams.

Kannu – Kannu is a cloud-based learning management system, which uses tools such as media libraries, direct messaging, and user portfolios to achieve digital learning. With the use of active learning tools and management tools, Kannu enables users to have customized classes, which are important for a creation and reiteration system. The product uses responsive media on desktop and mobile devices to enhance the user’s experience. The product also contains Kannu’s analytics, which gives actionable insight into how users interact with the product and reports that help the user measure success.

LearnZIllion– LearnZillion is a comprehensive program of study for math, English, and language arts. It contains resources, analytics, and teaching guides. Individual educators may use it for free, but a membership fee is required if the product is deployed across a school district. Not only does this product include learning material, but it also offers complimentary and supplemental resources such as videos to supplement the learning experience.

LoudCloud – LoudCloud uses cloud-based tech to provide class management systems, assessments, course builders, grade books, and many more features to improve learning. This product allows colleges and universities to use personalized learning to support their learners. Tools include the competency learning product, learning analytics, and OER courseware.

Motivis Learning– Motivis Learning can supply schools and universities with detailed analytics, learner information, and ways to help increase learner performance. It can compile data and share it between educators, learners, peers, educators, coaches, and guardians. Whether increasing learner attention span or memory or tailoring learning to their needs, Motivis Learning will give each learner the best tips and tactics. This product can be utilized in high school, university, graduate school, and beyond.

Newsela– Newsela provides a personalized approach to learning, using different assessments, annotated documents, and writing prompts. This approach can be applied to different studies because of its adaptive readability. Educators can easily access learning analytics to assess each learner’s progression and task completion level.

Roambi Analytics–  Roambi Analytics provides fast, simple mobile access to any data assets to bring data to life for every data consumer anytime, anywhere, and on any device.  It is a challenged-based project for transposing information and data into a spreadsheet designed by learners on their iPhone and iPad without worrying about their device getting slow or crashing.

SchoolZen – An administration solution that enables you to manage your school, critical data, learner attendance, tests, examinations, parent portal, and so on. This software can automate school management systems, build process workflows, and enhance communication systems and controls. It draws from lesson observation data and analytics to plan for educator professional development.

SEAtS Software – This tool facilitates learner engagement, learning analytics; attendance management; and Tier 4 compliance for universities, colleges, and schools.  From learner attendance and predictive analytics to case management, SEAtS is a learner success product that empowers you to manage your data for a smarter campus.

SlideRocket Player – With SlideRocket Player, you can download any of your pre-made SlideRocket presentations or PowerPoint presentations and play them wherever you are directly from your iPad. SlideRocket Player works online or offline (if presentations have previously been downloaded). Built-in analytics tell you when and where someone has viewed your presentation, and sharing presentations is as easy as sending a link right from the product.

Thinkzoom – This is s abilities-based learning management system with a mobile-first approach. Thinkzoom gives educators and learners tools with powerful analytics and assessments to enhance the educational process. Thinkzoom aligns the learning and development of teams to make an agile learning model on the go.

TinyTap – TinyTap enables educators to make their own educational games based around their learners’ needs, current class learning, or simply for fun. Educators also have access to thousands of games and lessons made by other educators. With the ability to assign games, lessons, or quizzes as homework and track, which learners completed the assignment, including real-time analytics, TinyTap’s content can also be utilized to teach and support new abilities. Educators can access TinyTap’s learning plans, which are made based on learner age and learning needs. These learning plans suggest coursework and games to develop and teach new content and abilities. Finally, learners can also use TinyTap to make their own content from games to final interactive projects.

Vuolearning This is an online learning product engineered to make and share classes in a mobile-friendly way.  Features include real-time learning analytics, mobile-friendly, and cost-effectiveness, making it a good fit for those new to e-learning design and development.

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